The More Things Change…

Fresh off of scorecard-gate at the State Farm Classic last weekend, Michelle Wie has apparently ditched her plan to focus on women’s golf (for one week, at least) in order to tee it up with the big boys again in Reno. Someone once said that there “ain’t no cure for the summertime blues,” and I somehow doubt Wie’s two days in Reno will ultimately be that valuable to her game or to her psyche.

Poor Thing

Poor Thing!

Wie has one sponsor’s exemption left with which to somehow qualify for the 2009 LPGA Tour (her seventh exemption of the year is the CN Canadian Women’s Open in August). Otherwise, it’s back to school, and I don’t mean Stanford.

Geoff Shackelford compiled some pieces relating to perhaps Michelle’s real motovation in this matter. If true, it’s just another chapter in how father B.J. and William Morris have truly bungled her career thus far.


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