Chris Wood…not a real party animal

Chris Wood, fresh off of his introduction to most if not all of the golfing community last weekend at Royal Birkdale, is now the number-one ranked amateur in the world, according to the Golfweek/Scratch Players rankings. That said, a quick glance at his resume since 2006 shows that perhaps we should’ve known about him.

However, the 20 year old “boy from Bristol,” who stands at 6’5″, was apparently already well known to many in his native England (Peter Allis claimed he wasn’t surprised by Wood’s play, for instance). And to his credit, it seems from this post-Open Telegraph piece that Wood already has the modern golf lifestyle (i.e. boring robot) down pat, which will help him if (when) he turns pro:

Vicky Rose, managing secretary at [Wood’s] Long Ashton club, said yesterday that it was in keeping with his character. “He’s not a real party animal,” she said. “He’s quite a sensible boy. He drove home last night and got back at about 1am. I spoke with him this morning and he sounded pretty exhausted. I think he’s just overwhelmed.”

As for what the immediate future might hold for Wood, all that is known for now is that it will be without the £168,500 he would have earned had he already been a pro. So when might that magical day come?

Agents and sponsors will now no doubt be throwing themselves at him but Wood plans to take stock before deciding on his future.

“His father, Richard, who was caddying for him last week, has always been good at looking after his affairs,” Rose said. “They’ll take their time. We’re just so proud of him. He’s been with us since he was 10 and playing off 14.


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