Double D Lays The Smackdown

Take that Michelle Wie!  The normally freakishly taciturn David Duval, who accepted a sponsor’s invite to this week’s Legends Reno-Tahoe Open not long after Wie announced her intention to play, took a few shots from behind those wraparounds.  From The Monday Scramble over at Golfweek:

Howard Roark in Nike?

Howard Roark in Nike?

Said Duval, when asked about Wie’s sponsor invitation: “You’re in or you’re not in. It’s pretty simple. Whether I agree if she should be playing – I think she would be better off on the Futures Tour competing against women – is neither here nor there.  [Tournament director] Michael Stearns thinks she can bring people in, and that’s his job. If some guy needs a spot in the field, chances are he’s not going to sell any tickets. She might add 2,000.”

Futures Tour?

Uh oh, David. No you didn’t.

Wie, for what it’s worth, claims to be ignoring her critics while she prepares for her eighth attempt at making a PGA cut.  But given that “Double D,” as friend and fellow IMG client Tiger Woods likes to call him, rarely  says anything, let alone of significance, you have to wonder if Duval’s critique actually resonated a bit with her.  Although as the Stanford student admitted recently, “I have no idea what goes on.”


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