Now batting for Manny Ramirez…Anthony Kim!

Anthony Kim and Brandt Snedeker are two of the Tour’s most promising young stars, and the duo was in Boston yesterday for a media day to promote the Deutsche Bank Championship (Aug. 29-Sept. 1) at TPC Boston.



The Globe’s Jim McCabe had an interesting tidbit on Kim, who at 23 years and ranked 13th in the world is the youngest in the Top 50:

Kim entered the PGA Tour scene late in 2006 and has played in just 44 tournaments as a professional. Here’s how his prize money stacks up against Woods and Snedeker over their first 44:

Kim . . . $5,478,627

Woods . . . $4,310,993

Snedeker . . . $3,189,109

That said, the numbers are a bit deceiving.

Whereas Kim has two victories and 11 top 10s in his first 44 tournaments, Woods’s stash was seven victories and 23 top 10s. (Snedeker had one win and eight top 10s.)

After posing for a few pictures and answering a few mundane questions (i.e., nothing about that bogey-bogey-bogey finish up in Canadia) from reporters, Kim spent some time with the CEO of Deutsche Bank, Seth Waugh, and championship director Eric Baldwin. Then for the coup de grace:

Kim headed to Fenway Park for last night’s game against the Los Angeles Angels. “While I’m here, I’m a Red Sox fan,” said Kim with a smile. He was thrilled about the visit, which included a chance to take batting practice.

Now if only Manny could conjure up that boyish enthusiasm for the hometown nine!


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