LPGA asks for lifeline

SportsBusiness Journal’s Jon Show reports that “the LPGA is putting a $4 million annual price tag on an umbrella sponsorship for the eight-tournament series it hopes to get on network television in 2010.”

Some details:

Details of the sponsorship were vague because many of the necessary components are not completed, leading industry sources to wonder what form the series will ultimately take.

That’s great, except I’m pretty sure the potential sponsors are also wondering!

The eight events that will make up the series have not been identified, and the LPGA is trying to secure its television packages for 2010 and beyond.

Even if/when they are identified, can the Tour even guarantee their survival until 2010?

The LPGA declined to comment for this story.

That’s it, take a cue from the White House.

Talks with NBC and CBS continue, but neither is interested in airing all eight events, meaning they would have to be split among the two. Sources said NBC is interested in four events; CBS in four to six.


Also complicating matters is the roughly $20 million in event sponsorships the LPGA already has on the market.

Um yeah, I would probably say that definitely “complicates” matters!


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