Day 2 highlights

What’s there to say, except that this course is playing really, really hard? Geoff Shackelford did a great job of arranging various clippings and stories that pretty much sum up the players’ sentiments thus far: it’s not fun, and it’s not fair.

Right now it seems we’re in a minor weather delay during Round Three, and CBS is running 2000 PGA highlights from Valhalla, perhaps as a way to remind viewers in advance of this fall’s Ryder Cup just how mundane a setup it really is (my favorite quote about Valhalla was from about a decade ago, when David Duval said it was a nice course–for a Nike Tour event!). Or perhaps the network is trying to catch the wandering viewer in mid channel click, right when Tiger happens to be on the screen? Either way, given the brutal setup at Oakland Hills, and the increasingly ho-hum leaderboard, the ratings for this puppy just can’t be pretty.


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