Poor Sergio



Though toned down quite a bit from last summer at Carnoustie, Sergio’s post round comments after yesterday’s final round at the PGA still left a lot to be desired.

You know, I said it before, there’s guys that get a little bit fortunate; they get in contention, in a Major, and manage to get things going their way, either because they play well or because somebody else comes back. And unfortunately, it hasn’t happened to me.

So that begs the question, were the other guys “fortunate” when Sergio opted to dump a rather routine approach shot on 16 into the water?

Speaking of the shot at 16, Sergio claims he has no regrets.

Q. Is there any one particular shot you would like to have back again, one particular shot?

SERGIO GARCIA: Not really.

Q. Or is it more than one?

SERGIO GARCIA: No, I felt like — I felt like I gave it my best. Obviously what I’m not going to do is get on the 16th hole and try to hit it 40 yards left of the green. I mean, that’s not the way I play. I tried to put a good, solid swing to the middle of the green and hopefully it goes there. If it drifts a little bit, perfect; came out of it just a touch, and just went in the water. But then I hit a great putt on 17. I don’t know why it didn’t break. It lipped out. And then 18’s just a tough hole. But no, I felt like I responded well and he was obviously very good on the back nine and things just happened his way.

One golf writer wrote that Sergio’s golf psyche is now quite older than his actual age, having gone through so many close calls now with majors. Yet I’d argue he still has a lot of growing up to do if he insists on blaming fate for all of his woes.


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