“We need that talent on our tour”

Glimmer of hope

Glimmer of hope

It’s pretty much do or die time for Michelle Wie (death in this case being a trip to Q School, which I’d imagine isn’t quite as bad), whose exemptions have run out and whose play this week at the CN Canadian Women’s Open (assuming, of course, that she remembers to sign her scorecards!) will determine if she will get a 2009 LPGA card.

Wayne Scanlan wrote an interesting piece about Wie’s steadfast celebrity status on an otherwise “Which Kim is that again?” Tour.

Without winning a single LPGA tournament, Wie routinely outearns the top women in the game through endorsements.

Small wonder this six-foot beauty rubs so many golfers the wrong way. After a strong start in 2006, with six top-five finishes, Wie was set back by a wrist injury last season, after falling while running. This year, she has continued to struggle, finally piecing together three strong rounds at the State Farm Classic (67-65-67) last month, only to be disqualified after the third round for failing to sign her Round 2 scorecard. Wie was one shot off the lead when she was DQ’d.

Lori Kane, the Canadian veteran, says she hopes Wie will ultimately settle on the women’s tour. Fetching crowds.

“It’s unfortunate the way things have gone for Michelle in the last little while, but Michelle is a talent. We need that talent on our tour.  I hope she can continue to be a kid at Stanford, and I’ll be selfish to say eventually become a good and important part of our tour.”

For the LPGA’s sake, “eventually” needs to happen soon.  Like this weekend.


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