FedEx Cup Cocktail Contest

The Fred Couples...shaken

The Fred Couples...shaken

Patricia Hannigan over on Golf Girl’s Diary is running her second annual Fedex Cup Cocktail Contest.  The rules?

Choose a golfer – It can be anyone still in the field at the time of your submission – and create your cocktail. Each drink should be based on the chosen golfer, and will be judged on how well it reflects his characteristics and qualities, as well as on creative use of ingredients, and taste.

One of her favorites from last year?  The Pink Poulter.

2 cl Citron vodka
2 cl cranberry juice
1 cl sugar syrup

Mix vodka, cranberry juice and sugar syrup, and pour into a champagne coupe or flute. Fill with champagne or a dry sparkling wine.

I’m thinking of giving this a shot (not the drink), as I desperately need something other than ‘can Kerry Perry hold on’ or ‘will Hunter Mahan make the Ryder Cup team’ to maintain interest in these next few weeks.


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