IMG to Bivens: See You in Court

Oh yeah, this is going to get ugly real quick. 

Jon Shaw of SportsBusiness Journal, on the possible legal actions already being mulled by various sports agents over at IMG and other firms.

Howard Simon, Exec Dir of Florida’s ACLU chapter, said it was premature to challenge the policy because no suspensions have been handed down, but said the LPGA is “inviting litigation on this matter.” Simon: “If they attempt to impose this rule in the state of Florida, where the LPGA is headquartered and we have fairly robust state civil rights laws, and they exclude a player that might otherwise be qualified except for English fluency, I think the LPGA will be hit with a bunch of lawsuits from the ACLU and players affected by the policy.”

The best quote, though, is here, from IMG’s Michael Yim:

“What other dumb things can the LPGA do?” said Yim, a Korean American. “I understand English is important for players to communicate with sponsors but you have to realize this is a professional sport. These are athletes who are entertaining fans. It should be based on performance. Everybody should be equal.”

His colleague, Chris Armstrong, added:

“It’s very surprising to me how it came out and the way it came out. It’s a pretty bold policy to unveil without any substance or explanation.”


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