To most it is “unfathomable”

Lonely at the top

Lonely at the top

The Independent’s James Corrigan weighs in on the Poulter pick.  Can anyone remember the last time there’s been so much uproar over one of these captain’s selections, by the way?

In a poll of 32 players at Gleneagles to see who they would pick, only one opted for Poulter. The number of the dismayed may even include two of the best players on Faldo’s team. The affinity between Clarke and Westwood is no secret, while Padraig Harrington declared his wish to see his fellow Irishman in Louisville as recently as Thursday.

One thing, though, is for certain.  If the U.S. squad is going to stand any chance at Valhalla, it is going to need something like Poulter-gate, and all of its potential for European team divisiveness, to help it along.  And I can already see Johnny Miller salivating at the mere thought of all that endless air time he’ll get to have to second guess his CBS nemesis.


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