Who’s in the know?

The Daily Telegraph’s Lewine Mair is on the record, and I’d say that she has some explaining to do. Wrote Mair on Sunday:

Tiger Woods has said that he will not be attending this week’s Ryder Cup at Valhalla, though Americans in the know think that the injured world No 1 could yet fly in to Louisville to rally the troops.

Americans in the know? About Tiger? Who on earth is “in the know” about Tiger?

The list is short.

Elin. Tida. Mark Steinberg. Steve Williams. Hank Haney. Mark O’Meara. John Cook. Jerry Chang. Brian Bell. Greg Nared. Vencie Glenn. Um, that’s it.



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4 responses to “Who’s in the know?

  1. Ha! You’re right! I can’t imagine he’ll watch on TV let alone turn up.

  2. Ha! Nicely put. I can’t imagine he’ll even watch on TV let alone fly in to the event.

  3. jgwulterkens

    Yeah there’s another. I was also mulling Appleby. Others?

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