Even their GWAGs are better

Cheers, love

Cheers, love

The Times’ Alyson Rudd pens easily the most entertaining column leading up to the Ryder Cup that I’ve read yet. Kudos. The only thing it was missing was more pictures (Jocelyn Hefner, fiancée of Paul Casey, is pictured right).

The deportment, style and aura of the golfers’ wives and girlfriends [GWAGs] will set the tone for the entire competition and perhaps determine who will win it.

You can tell by the way they smile and their body language as they sit together that the wives and girlfriends of the Europe team are friends. Their lunches are not exactly like scenes from Sex and the City, but they do meet to discuss GOLFAID, the charity established two years ago by players on the European Tour to help to raise money for children in need.

The Americans, by contrast, do not mix often socially, so keep a keen eye out for the fixed rather than natural smile and the flustering effect that it has on their spouses.


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