Finally, a little attitude

Once More, With Feeling

Once More, With Feeling

Nice story summarizing Anthony Kim’s 5&4 dismantling of Sergio Garcia, a match which kind of summed up the entire weekend in my opinion. Not only did Kim outplay the Ryder Cup wunderkind, who had a 14-5-4 Cup record heading into Sunday, but he also seemed to be in the Spaniard’s head as well. The Guardian also weighs in, concluding that Garcia’s “days as the youthful prodigy known as El Niño must now be consigned to history.”

Speaking of getting into someone’s head, Europe’s other hoss, Lee Westwood, never seemed to find his rhythm all three days, and also was clearly rattled Sunday by what he labeled as “abuse” from the raucous hillbillies patrons at Valhalla. Closed circuit to Westwood: Get over it. Boorish behavior at the Ryder Cup has historically cut both ways, and you’re not the first player, nor will you be the last, to have a grievance.


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