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Future Ryder Cup teams should leave out Tiger?

Another golf wonk who feels that the U.S. is better off without Tiger.

Does that extend to the President’s Cup as well? Even when it was in South Africa and Woods was matching Els putt for putt at dusk on Sunday?

What I’ve been getting from all these stories is this. IF indeed the U.S. is a better team sans Woods, it is not because of Tiger per se and his play, but rather the effect he has on everyone else. The points being made about Valhalla talk about how well everyone bonded, and how loose they were, not having to worry about upsetting or more likely upstaging the world’s no. 1.

It’s a fair point, though don’t expect to see Tiger withdraw again from these events, barring injury of course.


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“Frustrated” Tiger resigned to texting

I’m just wondering how he feels by the latest column du jour which suggests that the U.S. squad is a better, more cohesive unit without him.

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Woods, “not privy to their team chemistry,” opts to stay home

Team chemistry?

The AP reports that Woods has “no intention” of showing up at Valhalla this week.  Said Tiger:

“I also don’t know who is playing well, who is injured, and have no feel for how the course is playing. But I’ll be happy to offer my opinion. I wish the American team well and hope they can bring back the Cup.”

Translation: No one’s playing well, the course is as rinky dink as it was in 2000, and in my opinion, I never looked forward to this event even when I was healthy.  I wish everyone except Phil well, and honestly could not care less about some silly, jingoistic fueled Cup.

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Who’s in the know?

The Daily Telegraph’s Lewine Mair is on the record, and I’d say that she has some explaining to do. Wrote Mair on Sunday:

Tiger Woods has said that he will not be attending this week’s Ryder Cup at Valhalla, though Americans in the know think that the injured world No 1 could yet fly in to Louisville to rally the troops.

Americans in the know? About Tiger? Who on earth is “in the know” about Tiger?

The list is short.

Elin. Tida. Mark Steinberg. Steve Williams. Hank Haney. Mark O’Meara. John Cook. Jerry Chang. Brian Bell. Greg Nared. Vencie Glenn. Um, that’s it.


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Woods won’t watch PGA

Id rather watch her than the PGA too

I'd rather watch her than the PGA too

Tiger Woods made an appearance on Scott Van Pelt’s ESPN radio show today. Some highlights:

Woods told Van Pelt that he didn’t watch much of the British Open, only saw highlights of the Bridgestone Invitational last weekend (an event Woods has won six times) and said that he likely won’t sit down to watch any of the PGA Championship this week.

“I probably won’t watch any of this one,” he said. “This one’s a little more frustrating for me. I’m two-time defending [champion] and not being able to get out there and defend something I’ve already defended once and can’t do it twice, it’s a little bit frustrating.”

Well, either that or he was so distraught watching just the highlights of Vijay and Phil that he didn’t want to risk catching a repeat performance.

Woods also mentioned that Sam is “completely mobile” now, running, and that, especially in his hobbled state, he simply cannot keep up with her.

A feeling Messrs Singh and Mickelson have been all too familiar with the past decade.

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